Better Storytelling through Live Video

Imagine this scenario for a second.

You’re hysterically laughing at a funny memory you’ve just remembered and you send a casual Whatsapp message to your friend. They ‘lol’, you ‘haha’ and that’s the end of that.

But now think about the difference when you chat to your friend on Facetime or Skype. Yes, you can goof around and tell jokes over text, but the best part of landing that killer line is to see the look on your buddy’s face and their reaction as you belly-laugh about old times.

Why’s this relevant? Well, Visual communication gives you that extra understanding of the person you’re talking to and a more human connection.


You can pick up all kinds of social cues and nuances from visual communication and enhance your conversation. Whether that’s more laughter or being able to pick up when someone’s feeling down and needs a pep-talk.

And I think the same thing applies to live video content over...

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Leveraging Live Video to Build Your Business

live video Oct 23, 2017

Using live video to build your business is a smooth move. Why’s that? Well, video traffic is busy, very busy! In fact, Cisco estimates that by 2021, 82% of internet traffic will be video based – that’s a whole lot of dog vids.

But, we all know by now that video traffic isn’t just videos of people falling over and babies doing funny stuff – video content can be instructional, informative and entertaining too and the best part is that your business can use it as a growth tool.

Live video is about providing real-time, disruptive content that provides new value. It also helps that it’s a really fun way to engage with your brand’s audience and shake your digital strategy up.

You can use Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Livestream, Twitch and loads more tools to broadcast live. Facebook Live is one of the best tools you can use to start off, as you can leverage your existing business page and its audiences to reach more customers and...

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