It’s time to grow your business the human way. 

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We help coaches and consultants
learn how to build their business the human way.

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You’ve invested so much into becoming a coach. Now what?

The H2H Growth Accelerator for Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs teaches you how to grow your business on a solid foundation in less than 3 months, without spending any money on advertising, funnels, or creating a website. 
When you are clear on your offer, what you’re a stand for, and how to help – not sell – you raise your value to your clients and are more productive, confident, and profitable.
With the right structures and community in place, you spend less time spent marketing and more time focusing on what matters most – serving the right kind of clients and applying your brilliance to help them grow.

As seen in


In just 3 months, you could achieve what just one cohort of 12 people did. 


New client strategy calls


Booked new client sales


Community, clarity, confidence and clients

I increased my business and reclaimed 3x my coaching investment.

Bryan Kramer is the real deal! He helped me increase my reach, pinpoint my buyer and more than that, he showed me what was under the hood! We applied that to my systems and my business… Bryan Kramer is highly recommended.
Dr. Jason Richardson, Ph. D, Pan Am Games Gold Medal winner and Professional BMX Athlete Mindset Coach

You’re ready to work in your passion.

You have put in the hard work to achieve your certification.

You have a strong desire to see your current and or future clients transform and achieve their dreams.

You might have landed your first client or two, but need help building a strong portfolio of clients.

You’re ready to make connections, build relationships and turn those relationships into paying clients.


You’ve got a tool chest full of wisdom to share with your clients, BUT…

You see others somehow landing clients left and right while you’re struggling.

You’ve tried some marketing tactics that fell flat and wasted money.

You freeze up when it comes to pitching your offer to prospects.

You feel inferior to your coaching cohorts even though you know you’re selling similar services.

You’re afraid you don’t have enough experience to charge what your skills are worth.


Do you have what it takes to build your business?

We say HELL YES.

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I nearly doubled my income in the first year.

I gained more confidence, which helps me present myself to prospects in a more clear and compelling way.
Bryan helped me reach a more professional level, thus attracting the higher-end clients who are happy to pay what I'm worth. Bryan saved me time (and money) by revealing ideas and tools I can use to streamline and scale my business over time.
Lynn Abate´-Johnson,Co-Active Training Institute Social Media Community Leader and Co-Active Coach

I’ve realized a 10x monthly return on my investment.

Since working with Bryan, my business focus has pivoted to incorporate exactly what lights me up and aligns with my highest purpose. Because of our work together in coaching, I’ve realized a 10X monthly return on my coaching investment – and we are just getting started!
Jennifer Quinn, Outsourced CMO and Livestreaming Coach

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are 71,000 coach practitioners world-wide. 

Why should clients invest in YOU?

If you’re struggling with…

defining and finding your ideal client

explaining to prospects why they should work with you and converting them into clients

finding the right network to raise awareness and sell your services

how to sell yourself without feeling like a used car salesman

We will help you…

define who is the exact fit for you

get clients waiting in line to work with you and telling others about you unsolicited

build your own community founded on relationships, trust and support

turn your sales efforts into helping, value and delight 

H2H Growth Business Accelerator

You’re probably wondering, “Ok, Bryan and Courtney. I see the big picture, but what am I really going to learn?” THIS.

This is a 12-week intensive hybrid course.

Week 1: What it means to embody a growth mindset. If you don't have the right mindset nothing else will work.

Week 2: Build your foundation. Nail your brand platform, your niche, audience, and unique message.

Week 3: Know your offer. Create your unique but simple offer that would make anyone feel like they’re leaving a fortune on the table by not taking you upon it.

Weeks 4 - 5: Learn to help, not sell. Embody the H2H sales method and discover why it’s the only way to grow your business in a way that keeps business pouring in.

Weeks 6 - 7: Frame your relationship platform and begin building your community.

Weeks 8 - 9: Create your momentum and accountability plan for the development of sales, marketing, productivity and business tools and processes for each stage of the sales cycle.

Week 10-12: You have arrived! It’s time to experience the client and revenue success you’ve worked so hard for, with extra help from the H2H Growth Accelerator community.

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The H2H Growth Accelerator for Coaches & Consultants is a hybrid on-demand and live program.

On-demand modules

10 weeks of self-guided video modules housed in your personal online learning portal, complete with Workbooks, tools and homework that deepen your learning each week. 

Weekly group coaching calls

Weekly 2-hour live Q+A and coaching calls with Bryan, Courtney and your H2H Accelerator Community.

Private coaching

Three, one-on-one 30-minute private coaching sessions; one in the beginning to assess your benchmark, one in the middle to assess progress, and one at the end to assess accountability.

Online community

Lifetime access to the H2HGrowth Accelerator private ever-growing community where you can build your own network, community, and business with other like-minded peer coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

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Bryan’s coaching is absolutely pure magic. I had my highest earning year the year I worked with him!

The year I worked with Bryan I increased my paid speaking and had my highest grossing year while working less.
It was the best year in my business to date. Not just financially, but also in my work product and my work/life balance, too. Bryan's coaching is absolutely pure magic.
Carla Johnson, Outsourced CMO, Global Keynote Speaker and Marketing Coach

Who are we? You scrolled this far. Here is a little bit about us.

Bryan Kramer

I am a trained Co-Active Coach, CTI Leadership graduate, business owner of two businesses, TED speaker and best-selling author.

Becoming a business coach after 18 years and burnout as a marketing agency owner. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I teach my clients the business, marketing, and mindset of what it takes to build their personal brands, the light bulb comes on.

What lights me up? When clients first clearly see their value and impact, install our process for growing their business, and then the MAGICAL moment when they smile ear to ear as they DANCE at their mailbox and get paid for their worth. 

  • Top 3 Thought Leadership Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss ~ Forbes
  • Top 25 Keynote Speakers You Need to Know ~ Inc. Magazine
  • Global Top 50 Social CEOs on Twitter ~ Huffington Post
  • Top 25 Influencer to Follow ~ Forbes
  • The 100 Most Influential Tech People On Twitter ~ Business Insider
  • I founded the Human to Human H2H Business Movement™ and wrote There is no B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human: H2H, sold over 20k copies
  • My book, “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy” hit USA Today Top 150 Book List in the first week, printed in 7 languages.
  • My global TED Talk on How Sharing is Reimagining Our Future showed how inspiration is viral, garnering over 20M impressions across social in just a few hours.

Courtney Smith Kramer

I am the former Global Head of Marketing for the Co-Active Training Institute, 20-year Executive Creative Director, co-owner of two businesses and author of a book ranked in the top 350 on Amazon in Job Markets & Advice.

I believe in the intense power of creativity and laughter to change the world, and have a wicked sense of humor. I am a specialist in building strategic Marketing programs and teams from the ground up, and have a knack for making the complex simple. My superpower is being the eccentric muse who activates your sparkle! 

– Co-owner, H2H Companies (Human-to-Human), which teaches business leaders how to be better humans.
– Co-owner, PureMatter, a global marketing Silicon Valley consultancy that develops influencer, social media, and demand gen marketing campaigns.

  • One of the 3% of women Creative Directors in the U.S.  <– where are all the women?
  • Recipient of over 200 creative competition awards, including ADDYs, Webby, W3, Cisco Global Campaign of the Quarter, ABA Campaign of the Year, PRINT Advertising Annual
  • Juror of over 30 creative competitions (unrelated to the above lol)
  • Top 200 Global Marketing Influencer and Top 20 “Agency Strategy” Global Influencer by Onalytica
  • Author of a pretty funny and wisdom-filled book: "Be Your Creative Sexy Self: Humorous Stories that Help You Live a Happier Life"
  • #1 on Google (one time) for #TWSS

Are you ready to grow your business?

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