Using Instagram Analytics to Drive Better Engagement

So, once you’ve got your brand new Instagram account live and kicking, it’s time to test and measure whether the killer content you’re sending out into the world is actually doing the trick.

Are you getting results?

Keeping on top of your overall performance, optimizing your content and intelligently analysing your metrics so that you can get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy is key to your success.

In the short term, it’s pretty easy to assess whether your photo or video has made a splash amongst the rest of the 80 million posts shared daily, but long-term tracking will help you to improve your content strategy. Instagram analytics give you the opportunity to find out what your audience really wants.

Make sure that Instagram is a tool that will help you to meet your marketing goals and not just a pretty place to post selfies. Picking the right KPIs to keep an eye on is integral to building a successful content that’s moving in the right...

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