The Productive 

Coach + Consultant

Every coach and consultant wants to be productive. It feels good to look at something tangible and say, “I created this. I made this. I finished this.”

In order to do that, you have to get things done. To check things off a list.  And that requires productivity, which looks different to different people. But for all of us, that feeling you get by putting in a productive day can’t be beat, and it’s universal. 

Learn the secrets to being more productive in coaching or consulting in wellness in this new 36-page ebook.

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Courtney Smith

Courtney is the co-founder of H2H™ Companies and has been a designer, writer, author, entrepreneur, strategist, Executive Creative Director, Forbes contributor and creative marketing coach. She recently relaunched her first book now titled "Be Your Sexy Creative Self: Humorous Stories to Live a Happier Life" which debuted at the #1 spot in Business Humor books on Amazon. She is proud to be one of the 3% of women creative directors in the U.S., and has won hundreds of creative awards in her career, lending her expertise jurying creative competitions across the country.

Bryan Kramer

Bryan is the co-founder of H2H™ Companies and a renowned business performance coach, global keynote speaker, executive trainer, two-time bestselling author, Forbes contributor and former President/CEO of a Silicon Valley global marketing agency.In 2014, Bryan sparked the Human-to-Human H2H™ movement that set out to grow business through simpler communication, empathy, and embracing imperfection. With more than 350,000 social fans and followers, Bryan believes that being human is our competitive advantage.