Week of 9/25: A Productivity Trifecta

productivity weekly email Sep 25, 2017
September is Productivity Month

Now in our 4th week celebrating Productivity, we hope you spend the extra hours you’ve earned back in your day with us this week, as we have an unprecedented TRIFECTA of H2HClub Master Class and Networking live events coming your way this week! #rarebutYEEEEESSSSSSS #BrainGOOOAAAALLLLLLLL

The skinny:

BAM: September Partyline Networking Call this Wednesday, September 27, 10–11:30am PST
Talk about real talk. Our monthly Partyline Networking calls are THE place to share what you’re working on, and our Tribers work together to help you crush it. If you’ve never joined a Partyline, THIS. IS. THE. WEEK.

BOOM: The Tools You Need to Master Your Time and Tasks Master Class with Bryan Kramer this Thursday, September 28, 10–11:30am PST
Ever wonder how Bryan seems like an octopus, sometimes? That dude is EVERYWHERE. Join a special Master Class when our own fearless leader opens the veil to his productivity lair and walks us through a live tutorial of his favorite apps, tools and software that keeps the Bryan Kramer empire humming along.

BING: Live Asana Training this Friday, September 29, 9:30–11am PST
Our favorite project management tool joins us at the productivity table to give our members a LIVE training of this incredible robust software! We're talking Kan ban boards. Task lists. Projects and team. Notifications, notes and comments. It's literally a project manager's DREAM. Bryan and I use Asana to manage all of our PureMatter and H2H Company activities, and it's the only reason our lives stay on track, people.

Next month: October is “Streaming Live Video to Boost your Business in 4-3-2-1…”
For those of you who caught fellow Triber Jenny Quinn live on this afternoon’s H2HChat, you got first insight into the world of live streaming video, and how she is using it to boost her own business (click here to download her complete list of gear to outfit your video studio for under $500). Jenny dropped a lot of wisdom in her hour with us, but this stat really stood out:

By 2019, 89% of content will be video.

Let that sink in. If you’re not learning the skills you need to master and monetize live video for your business, you’re leaving money on the tripod.

That’s why we’re SO FREAKING EXCITED to announce our THREE Master Class expert teachers for October: Brian Fanzo, Joel Comm, and our own Triber Jennifer Quinn! We have watched all three grow their own businesses through live video, and are honored to call them friends and compadres. We promise, they will open their playbooks about live video, and make you smile (even dare I say, laugh) while doing it.

I just received my Five-Minute Journal in the mail (thank you BK!) and will be writing “Our H2HClub Community” at the top of my “Things I am Grateful For Today”. You are all so awesome and remind me of the importance of a sense of purpose.

Let’s literally CRUSH this last week in September with the coolest knowledge “Hat Trick” any team could deliver!

Courtney + Bryan

P.S. If you missed the Lately demo last week, do yourself a massive favor and watch it back! Not only will you be blown away by the software and want to become Kate's BFF, there is an exclusive H2HClub discount code good until the end of October.

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