The YouTube/Google Search Connection

So, Google owns YouTube – it’s no secret, but if you’re not aware of how much YouTube can have an impact on Google rankings then you’re missing out. Plus, there are lots of relatively simple steps you can take to fix up your YouTube SEO strategy.

YouTube and Google’s search connection means that activity on YouTube doesn’t exist in its own separate bubble – even when users aren’t specifically searching for video content, YouTube content that’s optimized for search will affect universal search.

Let’s have a look at some intelligent search practices you can implement to generate more leads through YouTube search and utilize its connection with Google.

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One of the most obvious ways to see the Youtube/Google connection is when you perform organic search on Google. Usually, your standardized bunch of search results will pop up and you’ll also find a few related YouTube videos too. If you’re able to...

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All the Elements That Go Into a Video Post

video youtube Aug 09, 2017

So you’ve launched your channel and you’ve decided that video content is the way to go for your brand. Good decision – video content is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. In fact, here’s an unbelievable stat for you from Cisco: by 2021, 13% of online traffic is estimated to be live-video content.

YouTube alone has around 1 billion users and its videos are being watched 4 billion times a day…that’s a lot of video content. And video is an important tool for marketers if they can utilize it properly.

If you’re not sure where to start with your brand and its video output then let’s have a look at some tips: 

What type of videos are you creating?

You need to do some research and soul-searching about the types of video content that you’re going to be creating. Carry out some research into the videos that your audiences enjoy and the different kinds of formats they like to watch.

Do you predominantly want your videos to...

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