How to Reclaim Your Time with Time Blocking

timeblocking Sep 13, 2017

Time is super precious. One minute you’re relaxing on the beach in the summer and then before you know it, you’re choosing this year’s Christmas tree. We could all do with a bit more time or rather; we could do with using his time we do have much more wisely.

Easier said than done, but time blocking is a novel idea that can help you to utilize your time and maximize the results.Let’s look at some ways that you can boost your productivity and adopt some time blocking behaviours.

Define: Time Blocking

So, what on earth is time blocking? Well, it’s a pretty simple concept. It involves splitting your day up into uninterrupted time blocks. You can divert all of your attention towards a specific task for a set amount of time and concentrate all of your focus on it. This means that you could decide you’re not checking your emails or even going to spend any brain-power on thinking about another task.

So, what on earth is time blocking? Well, it’s a...

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