5 Ways to Get Chatbot Subscribers

chatbot subscribers Jan 08, 2018

Once you’ve built your own chatbot, your next task is driving traffic.

Retention isn’t great for chatbots – customers often use them once and then leave messenger bots.

So, securing subscribers is the first challenge and holding onto users is the second. But there’s lots of scope for creativity and innovation within chatbot tech. It’s still relatively new and people are growing increasingly familiar and comfortable with using bots.

Stan Chudnovsky of Facebook, said at Web Summit that "more and more of the conversations between people and businesses will migrate to messaging platforms", so drawing people towards your chatbot is a way of futureproofing your brand.

How can you generate more subscribers?

1. Add to Directories

Depending on which platform you’ve used to build your chatbot – you can add your creation to chatbot directories and catalogs, which will act as a reference point when people are searching for applicable bots.

For example,...

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