How to Humanize Your Social Brand for Better Conversions

humanize Mar 14, 2018

I’ll let you in on a secret, brands are looking for engaged customers. Crazy, I know. Let’s break down what that means though because ‘engagement’ can become an empty term – it’s basically about having a customer base that knows who you are, likes what you say and trusts you.

This all falls under the umbrella of a positive customer experience and as more and more businesses are discovering, good customer experience drives sales. By 2020, Walker predicts that customer experience will be the biggest brand differentiator, trumping product and price.

And humanizing your social brand with personality-driven tone and content is all part of creating a strong customer-focused experience for whatever product or service you’re selling.

Monotonous, robotic corporate-speak just doesn’t cut it with customers in the digital age. They’re looking for personalization, authenticity and emotive connections with brands.

So, how can your social brand...

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