How to Humanize Your Chatbot

chatbots Jan 24, 2018

Kik, the Canadian messaging brand fittingly described the digital space like this: “First there were websites, then there were apps. Now, there are bots.”

The rise of the bots comes with its very own tide of pop culture alarm-bells and prophesising about our new bot uprising, but we have an exciting opportunity to humanize our chatbots and make our own customer interactions even better. Chatbots don’t have to be mechanical in terms of their personality.

Customers don’t want to feel like they’re chatting to a machine – they’re after more authentic, honest and trustworthy customer experience. That’s why it’s in your brand’s best interest to innovate to humanize.

Let’s look at how.

1. Mirror your User – don’t make them do all the work

Creating a chatbot is about convenience. Your customers want quick, timely answers that solve their problems and provide value. If your chatbot is programmed in a way that makes...

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