Better Project Management Using Asana

asana productivity Sep 22, 2017

When you’ve got several projects on the go at once or you’re tackling the mother of all projects on a tight deadline, you need to stay on top and organized. Easier said than done, right?

You could do it the super hard way and keep all of your priorities and responsibilities in your head…which is the scariest sentence I’ve ever read. But why not make your project management processes a little easier and enlist the help of Asana - a tool to help you manage your personal and professional projects with ease.

To give you a flavour of what Asana aims to do, let’s quickly look at the origin of the term.

‘Asana’ might be familiar if you’re a yoga buff, as it’s a word that means ‘seat’. Why seat? Well, adopting the right seat or pose in yoga means that you can be comfortable and calm. So, Asana basically wants to put you in a good place with good vibes. No complaints about that.

And there are plenty of ways Asana can help to...

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