Week of 9/25: A Productivity Trifecta

productivity weekly email Sep 25, 2017
September is Productivity Month

Now in our 4th week celebrating Productivity, we hope you spend the extra hours you’ve earned back in your day with us this week, as we have an unprecedented TRIFECTA of H2HClub Master Class and Networking live events coming your way this week! #rarebutYEEEEESSSSSSS #BrainGOOOAAAALLLLLLLL

The skinny:

BAM: September Partyline Networking Call this Wednesday, September 27, 10–11:30am PST
Talk about real talk. Our monthly Partyline Networking calls are THE place to share what you’re working on, and our Tribers work together to help you crush it. If you’ve never joined a Partyline, THIS. IS. THE. WEEK.

BOOM: The Tools You Need to Master Your Time and Tasks Master Class with Bryan Kramer this Thursday, September 28, 10–11:30am PST
Ever wonder how Bryan seems like an octopus, sometimes? That dude is EVERYWHERE. Join a special Master Class when our own fearless leader opens the veil to his productivity lair and walks us through a...

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How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Digital Brain

Think how many ideas pop into your head on a daily basis. Pop –there’s another one. Now, holding onto all of these fantastic (and not so fantastic) ideas in your head all day can be pretty exhausting, sonote-taking apps serve a very important purpose. They help you to organize your digital brain and keep your professional and personal life ticking over nicely.

Here’s where Evernotecomes in. You can use it across platforms -iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and on the web. It’s a very seamless, mobile-responsive app that’s perfect for digital natives.

Getting Started

You can organize your thoughts and ideas into Notebooks, so you can separate your different interests and projects. Notebooks can be shared with other collaboratorsby managing your permissions, so you can have a handy virtual space that colleagues can drop into to get an insight into your eccentric ideation process or pick up some new direction.Evernote is a great for visual learners and acts as...

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Better Project Management Using Asana

asana productivity Sep 22, 2017

When you’ve got several projects on the go at once or you’re tackling the mother of all projects on a tight deadline, you need to stay on top and organized. Easier said than done, right?

You could do it the super hard way and keep all of your priorities and responsibilities in your head…which is the scariest sentence I’ve ever read. But why not make your project management processes a little easier and enlist the help of Asana - a tool to help you manage your personal and professional projects with ease.

To give you a flavour of what Asana aims to do, let’s quickly look at the origin of the term.

‘Asana’ might be familiar if you’re a yoga buff, as it’s a word that means ‘seat’. Why seat? Well, adopting the right seat or pose in yoga means that you can be comfortable and calm. So, Asana basically wants to put you in a good place with good vibes. No complaints about that.

And there are plenty of ways Asana can help to...

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How to Reclaim Your Time with Time Blocking

timeblocking Sep 13, 2017

Time is super precious. One minute you’re relaxing on the beach in the summer and then before you know it, you’re choosing this year’s Christmas tree. We could all do with a bit more time or rather; we could do with using his time we do have much more wisely.

Easier said than done, but time blocking is a novel idea that can help you to utilize your time and maximize the results.Let’s look at some ways that you can boost your productivity and adopt some time blocking behaviours.

Define: Time Blocking

So, what on earth is time blocking? Well, it’s a pretty simple concept. It involves splitting your day up into uninterrupted time blocks. You can divert all of your attention towards a specific task for a set amount of time and concentrate all of your focus on it. This means that you could decide you’re not checking your emails or even going to spend any brain-power on thinking about another task.

So, what on earth is time blocking? Well, it’s a...

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Week of 9/11: Weathering is on our minds

September is Productivity month

Weathering something is an admirable human trait. By definition, “weathering” means “to bear up against and come safely through”, and it’s something we’ve seen a lot of in the literal sense this week.

But in business, it takes grit and strategy to weather the ups and downs of finding the work, selling our services, and delivering on what we promised with style and delight. Anything we can do to reclaim hours in our day, is not only welcomed, but necessary.

This is why we’re so excited to feature Charlie Gilkey, CEO and founder of ProductiveFlourishing.com as our first MasterClass for September’s Productivity month. Join us on Tuesday, September 12 at 1:00 pm PST as he shows us how to move from “Idea to Done”, and find those precious hours each week to focus on working on our business, instead of in our business. This is 90 minutes that could return many, many more back to your life! We...

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The YouTube/Google Search Connection

So, Google owns YouTube – it’s no secret, but if you’re not aware of how much YouTube can have an impact on Google rankings then you’re missing out. Plus, there are lots of relatively simple steps you can take to fix up your YouTube SEO strategy.

YouTube and Google’s search connection means that activity on YouTube doesn’t exist in its own separate bubble – even when users aren’t specifically searching for video content, YouTube content that’s optimized for search will affect universal search.

Let’s have a look at some intelligent search practices you can implement to generate more leads through YouTube search and utilize its connection with Google.

Related Videos

One of the most obvious ways to see the Youtube/Google connection is when you perform organic search on Google. Usually, your standardized bunch of search results will pop up and you’ll also find a few related YouTube videos too. If you’re able to...

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Getting Clear: Own Your Line is Now the Human Marketing Club

announcement Aug 16, 2017

To err is human.

And in our erroneous search to continue to get clear about our own “Why” behind our “Own Your Line” online membership community, we discovered that the real answer was right in front of us all along. 

As you may know, in 2014, we sparked the H2H Human-to-Human movement that set out to humanize business through simpler communication, empathy, and celebrating and learning from our imperfections in business and life.

It was that fateful day in January when Bryan recited this mantra, like he had for so many years, so many times, at a CMO keynote speech at Bloomberg in San Francisco: “There is no B2B or B2C: It’s Human-to-Human, H2H. Businesses don’t have emotion; people do. And people do business with people.”

Within 48 hours, a Tweet featuring him in front of this slide made it around the globe, earning over 80 million impressions, and was written about in over 250 blogs in multiple languages. Within 14 days, we...

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A Production Team of One: How to Produce Great Videos on a Budget

video Aug 16, 2017

When you’re a solo entrepreneur or you’re working on boosting your personal brand, making videos is going to be the responsibility of one person…you. You might not have created videos before, but it’s a great element to implement into your digital strategy and an effective way to communicate with your audiences.

If you’re working with a squeezed budget then video creation can seem daunting, but the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to make quality vids. With a few free tools and tips, you can learn how to take some shortcuts and build your skills.

Why make a Video?

Video content is super popular and an incredibly versatile way to spend your marketing budget. 80% of internet traffic is estimated to be video traffic by 2020. Younger demographics are increasingly used to expecting good video content and have grown up with video and vlogging as a go-to content medium for their requirements.

  • Videos can easily be embedded across...
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All the Elements That Go Into a Video Post

video youtube Aug 09, 2017

So you’ve launched your channel and you’ve decided that video content is the way to go for your brand. Good decision – video content is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. In fact, here’s an unbelievable stat for you from Cisco: by 2021, 13% of online traffic is estimated to be live-video content.

YouTube alone has around 1 billion users and its videos are being watched 4 billion times a day…that’s a lot of video content. And video is an important tool for marketers if they can utilize it properly.

If you’re not sure where to start with your brand and its video output then let’s have a look at some tips: 

What type of videos are you creating?

You need to do some research and soul-searching about the types of video content that you’re going to be creating. Carry out some research into the videos that your audiences enjoy and the different kinds of formats they like to watch.

Do you predominantly want your videos to...

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Setting up a YouTube Channel the Right Way

video Aug 06, 2017

So, you’re looking at throwing your hat into the YouTube ring and shaking things up for your business? Setting up a YouTube channel can be an incredibly fun, brand-building exercise for your business and the market is simply huge.

Video traffic is massive; in fact, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute…which doesn’t sound like it’s a sentence that even makes sense, but wow. YouTube has 1 billion users and frequently reaches more people than cable TV in the US. It can be a pretty integral part of your social media mix.

Creating an awesome YouTube channel isn’t as simple as setting up a slick website – it’ll take a lot of ingenuity and finding your feet. But hey, let’s have a go and look at how you can make your first steps in the YouTube frontier.


1) Create your Channel

Okay, first thing’s first – you need to head over to YouTube, sign in, go to Settings, click Create a new channel, select ‘Use a...

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