Week of 11/1: Email Marketing is the New Black

November is Email Marketing month.

It’s November, people. This year is flying by as fast as the wind is blowing leaves off the trees. And when things get fast, that means we get faster – by Email Marketing, that is, which is our November theme for this month.

It’s perfect timing, as Bryan just launched his brand spankin new H2H University “Sell Stuff in Your Sleep” course about email marketing, building funnels that work and connecting them to Facebook to close the loop. He will be teaching one of our Masterclasses this month to help everyone understand how this all works.

Our second Masterclass will be led by Mia Erichson, former CMO and VP of Customer Experience at Buyer Legends. Mia’s a true “digital marketer” who specializes in improving online conversion rates for sales and lead generation – something we can all use more of!

Dates for both Masterclasses will be announced soon – or if you’re on Google calendar, subscribe to our H2HClub master calendar using “H2H Club Events”.

And that’s not all. November IS Movember, with our Partyline and Hotseat calls!

In the Hotseat: Two of our Tribers will be all shades of AWESOME as they give us insight into their business and themselves – it’s seriously one of our favorite calls each the month. Join in on November 16 at 11am PST for some fun!

Our Partyline networking call rounds out the month on Wednesday, November 29 at 11am PST (a day after my birthday!), where we all get to mindshare and resource share to get smarter together. Now that’s teamwork!

November means gratitude and thanks. We’re coming up on 6 months as an H2HClub community, and can I just say that it feels more like family to me?! They say we have a family of biology, and a family of choice. Thank you for choosing to be a part of ours!

Now, back to nursing our Halloween candy hangover…

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