The Visual Steps on How To Write Shareable Blog Posts

content Jul 31, 2017

Have you ever spent ages on a killer piece of content, tweaked it until it’s just right, posted it on your website and then found that it’s got hardly any click or shares? It just doesn’t seem fair.

You put loads of effort in and for what?

So, does this mean that you’re not a very good writer? Maybe, people just aren’t that interested in what you have to say? Which obviously doesn’t make sense and hey, that’s not what your Mom says!

Writing shareable content is challenging when you first start out. It’s challenging when you’ve been doing it for a while too! But when people love your articles and you’re consistently providing value to your audiences - the sharing will start to happen naturally.

The reason why you write is because you have something to share – you want to communicate an idea.


Hook your reader in.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard the phrase “first impressions last”. You should take that into account when you meet your partner’s parents for the first time…and it’s a good rule for when you’re writing great content too.

Build a good rapport when you’re writing your content. The best content sounds natural, so think of it as if you’re having a casual conversation with your audience. It’s helpful to read out your content after you’ve written it to check it flows.

You only have a few seconds to connect with your reader and create an impression, so make sure it’s a confident, easy-going tone that convinces your audience that you have solutions.

Here’s a good introductory line from a Marketing Guru, Neil Patel:


Notice that he got straight to the point, right from the start. Bam, you know exactly what he wants to talk about and help you with from the get-go.


Give value and relevant information.

Pointless content will get you no-where. If someone reads your piece and gains nothing from it – it’s a waste of their time and yours.

Maximize your effort by giving your audiences a valuable piece of a content that provides solutions for their professional or personal life.

You can:

  • Solve a problem
  • Entertain
  • Provide an update

Audiences are searching for solutions to their problems. They also want to unwind and be entertained.  And people want to feel that they’re up to date with the latest trends.

Content which solves a problem tends to be the most popular. You’ll often find headlines that start with “How To” and “Why”.

Source: Neil Patel


Below is a sample of some funny content from College Humor which keeps people entertained and raises a smile:


If you get to deliver the right message to the right audience, your content will be memorable.

Eventually, they will come to you for your unique content and become solid subscribers. Your content can get shared widely.


Use simple words that are easy to understand.

Along with giving value, it’s also crucial that your audiences understand what you’re trying to say to them. The more they understand your thoughts and point of view, the more you are helping them to craft strategies and apply what you’ve taught them.

When your audience approves of your content, they’re more likely to share it.

You can use Readability Formulas to check how simple your vocabulary is.

You copy and paste your content on the space provided. Then, click on Check Text Readability button.

You’ll then get a result. You’re looking for your Flesch Reading Ease Score. This determines how readable your content is. We wanted to get a Flesch Reading score of at least 70 and up.

If you get a score of lower than 70, you’re probably going to want to re-write parts of your content. Write and rewrite until you hit the readable score! It might take a bit of tweaking, but it’s worth it.


Use stunning relevant graphics.

Most of your audiences will enjoy visuals. And they’re a great way to communicate complex data or shine a new light on a topic.

General stock images are fine. However, if you have a skilled graphic designer, then they’ll be able to create much better images and infographics for you.

You can grab quality images from these websites:

Pexels (


Pixabay (


Unsplash (


TheStocks (


The following are graphic design tools that you can also use:

 Canva (



Write a strong catchy headline.

Whether your audiences will click on the content that you write or not, 95% depends on the headline that you use.

Remember, you only have 10 seconds to capture your reader’s attention. If you don’t get it right, then no one will want to read your content.

Use the same formulas that you have when writing your content - your headline should also either solve a problem, make people laugh or keep them updated.


Write your conclusion or your final thoughts.

This is where you write a quick summary of your thoughts and recap what you’ve written. You can create a bullet list or a final paragraph.

Your content might be long and detailed, so being able, to sum up some of the key points of your piece is a useful takeaway for your audience.

Source: Neil Patel


Make your post easy to share.

This is by far the simplest to do.

You just have to add social Sharing buttons at the end of your content or beside it. This allows your audiences to easily click on the button and share your content to their family and friends.



Before you jump into writing any content, make sure you already know how to make it shareable.

After all, you wouldn’t want your content left unread by your potential audiences. It’s a waste of your precious time and your audience’s

Have a look at some of the tips below:

  • Build a good rapport right from the start of your content.
  • Give value and relevant information.
  • Use simple words that are easy to understand.
  • Use stunning relevant graphics.
  • Write a strong catchy headline.
  • Write your conclusion or your Final Thoughts.
  • Make your post easy to share.

Have you tried writing valuable content for your audiences? How did it go? Drop us a line and let us know.

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