Getting Clear: Own Your Line is Now the Human Marketing Club

announcement Aug 16, 2017

To err is human.

And in our erroneous search to continue to get clear about our own “Why” behind our “Own Your Line” online membership community, we discovered that the real answer was right in front of us all along. 

As you may know, in 2014, we sparked the H2H Human-to-Human movement that set out to humanize business through simpler communication, empathy, and celebrating and learning from our imperfections in business and life.

It was that fateful day in January when Bryan recited this mantra, like he had for so many years, so many times, at a CMO keynote speech at Bloomberg in San Francisco: “There is no B2B or B2C: It’s Human-to-Human, H2H. Businesses don’t have emotion; people do. And people do business with people.”

Within 48 hours, a Tweet featuring him in front of this slide made it around the globe, earning over 80 million impressions, and was written about in over 250 blogs in multiple languages. Within 14 days, we wrote and self-published his first book “There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human-to-Human H2H” – which some have called a “manifesto” – explaining why it was time for businesses to be humanized, and why H2H is an ethos that needed to revolutionize the way we communicate.

Finally, the call for simpler communication, empathy, and celebrating our human imperfections had been heard.

Since then, this movement has continued to gain momentum around the world and has taken on a new importance that affects us all. In 2015, The Writer named H2H as a top 10 Social Media Buzzword of the year. In 2016, Sprout Social named H2H a Top 7 “Game Changing Marketing Term to Know”.

H2H is resonating now on a grander level beyond just marketers because technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, robots and the social web stand to disconnect humans from each other and our communities.

We are witnessing a growing division in humanity, sometimes feeling like it's favoring anonymity, segregation, and frankly, borderline crazy town.

But we believe being human is our competitive advantage. We are the beings who can tell meaningful stories that connect with our hearts and each other. We have humor. We have empathy. And we all have a desire to foster deeper connections.

We envision the world where technology is empowering humans, to share stories told in a human way – not corporate speak, not coldly, or cruelty.

We believe in the power of community, of shared learning and understanding about how we can work together to nurture the spirit of continued education. This is H2H to us.

To do this, we all must know our "why", our story, how to tell it better for ourselves and to our customers, and the best way to get it out so it's heard.


So… drumroll, please.


We have officially changed the name of our online membership community from "Own Your Line" to the H2HClub, the Human Marketing Club.

Seems like a no brainer, right?! #facepalm

This community now sits at the top of a family of brands that already exist – #H2HChat, our live weekly conversations with the best humans in business, the Human Marketing Hub (H2HHub), our free Facebook group of awesome humans, and H2H University, our intensive marketing courses that go deeper into one specific topic.

This is living proof that when you get clear about your WHY, WHAT, HOW, VISION, INNOVATION, and INSPIRATION, and connect them to your message and audience, the magic starts to happen.   

We can't wait to keep building this AMAZING community of humans, and learning together how to better navigate the tools, technologies, issues, and relationships we face in business, every day.

To unlock access to all of this awesomeness, including Master Classes, Networking, tips, tools and an active community of curious learners like you, apply to become a member of the H2H Human Marketing Club.