All the Elements That Go Into a Video Post

video youtube Aug 09, 2017

So you’ve launched your channel and you’ve decided that video content is the way to go for your brand. Good decision – video content is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. In fact, here’s an unbelievable stat for you from Cisco: by 2021, 13% of online traffic is estimated to be live-video content.

YouTube alone has around 1 billion users and its videos are being watched 4 billion times a day…that’s a lot of video content. And video is an important tool for marketers if they can utilize it properly.

If you’re not sure where to start with your brand and its video output then let’s have a look at some tips: 

What type of videos are you creating?

You need to do some research and soul-searching about the types of video content that you’re going to be creating. Carry out some research into the videos that your audiences enjoy and the different kinds of formats they like to watch.

Do you predominantly want your videos to be goofy and entertaining or would you like them to be acutely informative and focused on communicating lots of interesting info? Your videos could accomplish both of these things, but the key point is that you decide the approach you’re going to take before you start making your videos.


Content Ideas

Content ideation is probably one of the hardest parts of producing good videos. You have to be consistently coming up with creative ideas. Get your whole team involved and ask them about the types of videos they like to watch or any issues that they feel your customers and audiences will appreciate.

You can ask your social media team or customer service team about the most frequently asked questions you receive and come up with content ideas that tackle these issues. Your videos can be Q&As, product testing, behind-the-scenes exclusive, interviews, testimonials…the world is your oyster. Keep on trend and keep interacting with your audiences to find new ways to improve your videos and new topics to cover.


The Structure of your video

Work on the structures of your videos before you start too. When you’ve decided on your approach – think about what will work well with your genre and video type. You could include quick-fire Q&A sections for more informative content or sketch-style instructional snippets in entertaining videos.

Create structures and formats that provide the most value and make your video successful in achieving the goals that come with the type of video you’ve decided to make. Whether your video is more instructional, entertaining or somewhere in-between, make sure it has features that help it to become ‘entertaining’ or ‘informative’.

You need to treat your video content like you would a story. You can even use a storyboard style layout to work out the structure of your video. Think about the introductions and conclusions in your video and the information you want to get across to your audience – having a strong structure will look professional and will help you to clearly communicate your info.


Focus on Quality

Because of the influx of great video content, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and create sub-standard content that fails to make a splash. It won’t be a good use of your time or investment if you’re not aiming to create quality videos.

Ugly, unattractive content can be spotted a mile of by your audience and if it looks amateur and basic then they’ll assume that what you’re saying won’t be particularly valuable either. The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t seem to resonate in the world of video content, so work on your production values.

Focus on professional looking videos – so we’re talking strong lighting, good backgrounds, and crisp video quality. White backdrops can work really well and you don’t have to invest much time in getting them right – they’re not distracting for a viewer and lets them concentrate on whoever is presenting your video.

You can also work on animations if you’re a bit camera-shy. These are really useful when you want to describe product processes or illustrate how something works in a simple way.

If you’re not really adept at editing your videos after you’ve filmed all your content then it can be really worthwhile to outsource the editing and get a freelance editor involved to help. They can polish your video and give it a more professional looking style.


Optimize your vids

Make sure your videos are optimized for search and concentrate on valuable titles, descriptions, and tags. Use keywords but don’t stuff them into your categories, concentrate on providing clear, descriptive language. You need to provide a quality source of additional information so people can find your brand’s videos easily and they’ll rank higher.


Final Thoughts

When video content is done well, it can really make a big difference to your brand’s social strategy and help to give more information to your audiences in an interesting format. Not everyone likes to read blog posts, so video content is another great way of showing off your services, products and brand personality.

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