5 Ways to Get Chatbot Subscribers

chatbot subscribers Jan 08, 2018

Once you’ve built your own chatbot, your next task is driving traffic.

Retention isn’t great for chatbots – customers often use them once and then leave messenger bots.

So, securing subscribers is the first challenge and holding onto users is the second. But there’s lots of scope for creativity and innovation within chatbot tech. It’s still relatively new and people are growing increasingly familiar and comfortable with using bots.

Stan Chudnovsky of Facebook, said at Web Summit that "more and more of the conversations between people and businesses will migrate to messaging platforms", so drawing people towards your chatbot is a way of futureproofing your brand.

How can you generate more subscribers?

1. Add to Directories

Depending on which platform you’ve used to build your chatbot – you can add your creation to chatbot directories and catalogs, which will act as a reference point when people are searching for applicable bots.

For example, Slack is a popular platform to build a messaging bot in and you can list your chatbot here. This can help to give your bot more visibility and promote it on a reputable site where people are looking for decent tech.

There are also third-party directories that you can list your bot in, which might give you a more varied audience. You can take a look at example directories such as BotList or BotFinder here. It’s also worth taking a look for your own research purposes too.

2. Create a Slick Landing Page

Driving customers towards a dedicated, SEO optimized landing page to promote your chatbot, is a good way to give more context about why they should use it.

A customer might have heard about your brand’s chatbot somewhere, but have no idea how to find it and when they search, nothing comes up.

Create a landing page so your chatbot can have a presence, with a centralized page where customers can gain some insight into the features, benefits and how to install your chatbot.

Not every customer is impulsive and downloads bots immediately.

A lot of users want to research a chatbot or find out about it before they start using it. Give users some succinct, clear reasons to use your chatbot.

This is especially relevant because, as mentioned, not everyone online is familiar or comfortable with chatbots yet and they want to try before they buy. You can’t assume all users know the benefits of your chatbot.

3. Give people the option

Let people piggy-back their way onto your messaging bot. By this, I mean that you can reach out to people that already engage and subscribe with your brand through e.g email marketing, and give them the option to download a chatbot too.

Including an option and link to more info/your chatbot at the end of an email is a useful CTA. Optimistically, you’ve already built up a rapport and relationship with your subscribers so asking them to interact with you on another platform is an easier sell.

Show customers that there’s an alternative or an easier way to interact with your brand.

Customers will still be subscribing to your emails because *hopefully* they endorse your brand’s personality, values and identity, so like including a Twitter icon at the bottom of your email, you can add a bot link too.

4. Create great Content

Creating content that resonates with your audience is a pre-requisite for any good marketing campaign, but if you can provide informative content that gives your users some clear reasons why their experience with your brand will enhance with a chatbot – brilliant.

If your content is high-quality then you can use this as bait for chatbot subscription too – you can promise that content will be easier and more accessible with a chatbot, as it can deliver specific, personalized content. Compelling content is a way to encourage sign-ups and your chatbot can serve and distribute content in a timely, relevant and useful way.

5. Keep Improving your Chatbot

If your chatbot is fit for purpose and built with customers in mind then your customer interactions should improve and your brand’s image will too. This should mean more subscribers.

By regularly tracking and evaluating your chatbot’s performance with customers, you can enhance your customer service offering which will lead to recommendations – word of mouth and online.

Look for ways to improve customer experiences, linguistic processes and usability. And there are lots of ways to do this through adding new features, editing your sequence scripts and broadcasting regularly.

Modifying your chatbot, keeping it bug-free and responding to customer feedback will increase positive customer experiences and steadily build your subscribers. A good product combined with the other methods we’ve mentioned, should help you to provide a strong chatbot offering to your users and a healthy retention rate.

Final Thoughts

Keep looking for new and innovative ways that you can grow your chatbot base and provide customers with more brand value, efficiency and time-saving interactions.

Personalize your offering and work on creating another engaging platform.


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